About Us

In Bangladesh, Rehab is a drug addiction treatment center. For people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, we offer an exceptional quality and range of expert services. Our services are highly personalized for each client and provided in a structured but caring setting. Rehab, our globally qualified staff works full-time and has a wealth of experience with a wide range of drug addictions and behavioral issues. We offer out-patient consultations as well as out-patient facilities. Our in-patient treatment facilities provide a beautiful residential treatment setting geared to satisfying our clients’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual requirements. In-house therapy is only one of our offerings. The importance of aftercare is something we respect highly. Our clients benefit from one of the greatest complete treatment programs in the country, right in the center of Dhaka, thanks to Rehab Center.



To be a recognized leader in the provision of high-quality, innovative harm reduction facilities and supportive strategies for people suffering from drug addiction's destructive impacts.


To create a safe sanctuary for our clients where they can fully recover and not only reclaim their previous sober lives, but also a fresh view on life. To provide a safe, compassionate, and therapeutic environment for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The Package Values INCLUDE the services stated below:

1. Room Charges and Food
2. Dope test and drug assessment during admission
3. Detoxification, if required
4. Medical treatment, Nursing and Supervision of
skilled attendants
5. Individual Counseling Sessions
6. Group therapy session by Addiction Counselors &
7. Yoga & Meditation
8. Attending NA meeting weekly
9. Weekly outing program to theme parks
10. Weekly Support Group Program
11. Family counseling sessions as required
12. Religious spiritual lecture program monthly

Other Charges EXCLUDING stated below: the Package Value:

1 . All necessary diagnostic charges
2. Medicines & medical items
3. Specialized medical consultancy
4. Breakage of any property of OmegaPoint
5. Special ambulatory service charge depending on
team & time involved, transport cost
6. Cost of escorting, if required
7. Necessary Dope test
8. Personal laundry salon services, etc.
9 Personal extra expense
10. Service charge @10 of package value

*If the patient is discharged from the center before the due date, Guardian must have to pay the full amount of the contract.