rehab center

Most Effective Rehab  Center

Why We Are Most Effective Rehab Center

We use a multidisciplinary treatment strategy to treat substance use disorders as well as other physical and mental concerns in order to achieve long-term success.

For both residential and nonresidential clients, a dedicated team of experts and highly qualified internationally acknowledged professionals collaborate to provide effective and thorough therapy.

We have a high-quality aftercare program that provides clients with pleasant living settings and therapeutic support for long-term drug addiction rehabilitation.

In addition, we provide a strong family support program that empowers family members.

As a result, the family can be an important part of the therapy process and provide support for their loved one.

Our customers are taught how to form healthy interpersonal relationships and live a productive life in the community.


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The Package Values INCLUDE the services stated below:

1. Room Charges and Food
2. Dope test and drug assessment during admission
3. Detoxification, if required
4. Medical treatment, Nursing and Supervision of
skilled attendants
5. Individual Counseling Sessions
6. Group therapy session by Addiction Counselors &
7. Yoga & Meditation
8. Attending NA meeting weekly
9. Weekly outing program to theme parks
10. Weekly Support Group Program
11. Family counseling sessions as required
12. Religious spiritual lecture program monthly

Other Charges EXCLUDING stated below: the Package Value:

1 . All necessary diagnostic charges
2. Medicines & medical items
3. Specialized medical consultancy
4. Breakage of any property of OmegaPoint
5. Special ambulatory service charge depending on
team & time involved, transport cost
6. Cost of escorting, if required
7. Necessary Dope test
8. Personal laundry salon services, etc.
9 Personal extra expense
10. Service charge @10 of package value

*If the patient is discharged from the center before the due date, Guardian must have to pay the full amount of the contract.